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20 Best Interior Paint Colors for Pacific Northwest Homes

by | May 3, 2024 | Interior Design, Interior Painting

When you’re picking out paint for your home in the Pacific Northwest, you’re not just choosing colors; you’re setting the stage for your daily life. Our region’s unique combo of cloudy skies and lush landscapes calls for colors that not only brighten your space but also feel like a natural extension of the outdoors. Let’s explore how to make your home a true reflection of both your personal style and the Pacific Northwest.

Best Interior Paint Colors for Pacific Northwest Homes

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its gray skies and rich greens, influencing local interior color trends more than you might think. These elements inspire a palette that’s both cozy and vibrant. Today, we’re diving into the best paint colors from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore that embody the spirit and beauty of the PNW.

Crafting Your Pacific Northwest Color Palette

The perfect PNW palette is all about muted, earthy tones that mimic the natural scenery—from ocean depths to forest floors. Think colors that feel like they’ve been pulled straight from a hike in the Cascades or a stroll along the Willamette River.

Top Picks: Pacific Northwest Paint Colors for Interior Spaces 

Let’s break down ten top Pacific Northwest paint colors that are a match made in heaven:

  1. Sea Salt (Sherwin-Williams SW 6204) – A soft, greenish-gray that echoes misty morning walks.
  2. Chantilly Lace (Benjamin Moore OC-65) – A crisp, clean white to brighten up those darker days.
  3. Beach Glass (Benjamin Moore 1564) – A subtle blue-green that’s as tranquil as the shoreline.
  4. Iron Mountain (Benjamin Moore 2134-30) – A deep, dark gray that’s bold yet understated.
  5. Revere Pewter (Benjamin Moore HC-172) – A light gray with warm undertones, perfect for any room.
  6. Squirrel Tail (Benjamin Moore 1476) – A warm gray that brings a touch of the rugged outdoors inside.
  7. Rainwashed (Sherwin-Williams SW 6211) – A pale, blue-green that’s refreshing and serene.
  8. Woodlawn Blue (Benjamin Moore HC-147) – A soft, calming blue that’s like a breath of fresh air.
  9. Agreeable Gray (Sherwin-Williams SW 7029) – A versatile gray that plays well with any decor.
  10. Cedar Key (Benjamin Moore OC-16) – An off-white with a hint of beige, cozy like a well-loved flannel.

Portland Oregon Colors 

Portland is all about creativity, and the colors we choose should reflect its vibrant and eclectic nature. When assembling a palette of Portland Oregon colors, think of shades that capture the city’s artistic spirit and lush landscapes. Here are five Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore colors that do just that:

  1. Alabaster (Sherwin-Williams SW 7008) – A warm and inviting white that’s perfect for a light and airy feel.
  2. Rose Silk (Benjamin Moore 2104-60) – A soft pink that adds a touch of whimsy.
  3. City Shadow (Benjamin Moore CSP-60) – A sophisticated charcoal that matches the urban vibe.
  4. Grasslands (Benjamin Moore 2034-30) – A vibrant green that pulls the lush outdoors in.
  5. Downpour Blue (Benjamin Moore 2063-20) – A rich, saturated blue that mirrors a stormy Pacific Northwest sky.

Seattle Color Palette 

Seattle’s charm isn’t just in its tech and coffee scenes but also in how these elements influence its urban aesthetic. Crafting a Seattle color palette means picking shades that resonate with the city’s mix of modern vibrancy and timeless natural beauty. Here are some paint colors from Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore that fit perfectly:

  1. Reflecting Pool (Sherwin-Williams SW 6486) – A vibrant teal for those who love a splash of color.
  2. Gray Owl (Benjamin Moore OC-52) – A soft, light gray that captures the city’s sleek, modern aesthetic.
  3. Espresso Beans (Benjamin Moore CSP-30) – A deep, dark brown that’s as robust as Seattle’s favorite brew.
  4. Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore HC-154) – A classic navy that’s as timeless as the Puget Sound.
  5. Calm (Benjamin Moore OC-22) – A pale, off-white that’s soothing and subtle.

Expert Advice: Selecting the Perfect PNW Colors for Your Home

Picking the right colors for your PNW home goes beyond personal taste; it’s about complimenting the unique natural light and landscape of the region. To get it just right, consider the light in your rooms—opt for shades that make spaces feel brighter and larger, like soft yellows or warm whites.

Also, think about how colors flow from room to room. Using different shades of the same color or complementary colors can help create a cohesive feel throughout your home.

Feeling unsure? We offer professional color consultations to help! Our experts can guide you in choosing the perfect palette, ensuring your home not only looks great but feels right too. Whether it’s a minor refresh or a major makeover, getting professional advice can be a game-changer.

Let’s Craft Your Dream PNW Color Palette

Choosing the right color palette for your Pacific Northwest home can truly transform your space. The right shades can turn a house into a haven, reflecting both the natural beauty of the region and your personal style. Remember, paint isn’t just about color—it’s about creating an atmosphere that feels like home.

If you’re ready to bring your vision to life but not sure where to start, Absolute Painting is here to help. We offer expert color consultations and top-notch painting services to help you craft the perfect environment. Whether you’re updating a cozy corner or overhauling your entire house, our team is ready to turn your dreams into reality. Explore what Absolute Painting can do for you and let us help you paint your way to the perfect PNW home. And if you’re thinking about an exterior update, check out our guide on the best exterior paint colors for the PNW to find options that stand up to the elements and look great.

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