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Choosing the Best Paint

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So you are wanting to paint your home soon and are trying to figure out what type of paint to use.  You have so many brands and types of paint to choose from these days that it can be very overwhelming.  You hear ads for paints on TV and the Radio and see signs all over the place but how does the average person know one from the other.

Most homeowners usually think about going to Home Depot or Lowe’s for home improvement stuff so naturally they think maybe I should get paint from there as well.  They even advertise that they win awards for paints they carry so homeowners think it must be higher quality.

Being the owner of a painting company for over 23 years we have tried most every type of paint on the market in the Portland area.  We also get a lot of feedback on what works well and what does not.  Our goal when we choose a paint is to give you the product that will perform best on your home and for the best price.  If we do not believe it is a good product that is easy to work with we will not use it.

I personally do not like to purchase paint from a big box store that sells everything as we have had more troubles with those paints than any other paint around.  The people that work at these places may not be as knowledgable as someone that sells paint everyday either.  Going to an actual paint store such as Sherwin Williams, Rodda or Miller can be a huge advantage as the employees usually know what paint is meant for what type of project.  They can also be much better at matching colors or giving advice on how to apply them.

If you are hiring a reputable painting contractor they can also be a great resource and likely can save you money by buying paint through them.  Many homeowners thing we are marking the cost of the paint up but we usually end up saving them money by having us purchase it.  You may get a good deal with some sales the paint stores run like 30-40% off the retail price but it still may be more than what a painting contractor would get it for.

At Absolute Painting we work very closely with four paint suppliers and we will suggest different brands for different needs.  Not every home needs the most expensive paint so we don’t try to sell you something you do not need.  In some cases we suggest using the very best paint especially on cabinets or doors where the paint will take more abuse than a wall or ceiling.  We almost never suggest using a super low grade paint as it will usually end up causing more work for you or just not look very good.

Feel free to call us with any questions you have about the best paints, stains, primers or other items and we are always happy to assist.


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