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Commercial Pressure Washing: Pricing & Process

by | Feb 19, 2020 | Power Washing

If you own a business and the exterior looks dirty or neglected this article is for you.  Customers judge your company the minute they pull up and see your building. Pressure washing on a regular basis can make a huge difference and really impress your customers for very little cost.


When is Commercial Pressure Washing Needed?

Pressure washing your commercial building can make a huge difference in how your customers judge your company.  We have all been to a business before and wondered why the exterior looks so run down or the sidewalks are green and black.  Do they not care what the appearance of the building looks like and does this reflect how they operate? Dirty sidewalks and walkways can also be very slippery and dangerous as we all know especially in the Portland area in the rainy months.

The average commercial building in Oregon will likely need to be washed at least every 1-2 years to stay looking clean.  Having a good quality paint helps the building look better and clean easier as well. In just a few hours you can transform your image with a little pressure washing and totally improve the look of the exterior of your business and let customers know that you take pride in it too!


How the Process Works

If the exterior of your building is looking dirty we can bring out lifts and or ladders to get up to the hard to reach places using a high pressure cleaning with a water/bleach solution to help remove all the dirt and grime from years of neglect.  We can also bring our surface cleaners out to clean the sidewalks, walkways or parking lots so your customers are safe and they see the pride you take in your business.
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Commercial Pressure Washing Price Ranges

Pressure washing a commercial building can vary in price based on the type of siding, size of the building and how dirty the building is.  If done regularly it can go quite fast and be fairly inexpensive. If you pressure wash once every 5 years it will be much more time and money.  A smaller commercial building may only take us a few hours to clean and cost $300-$500. Larger buildings can take us days to complete and cost much more but the end result is amazing.


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