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Do You Tip Painters?

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Exterior Painting, Interior Painting

Many customers ask us if they can leave tips for our painters that work on their homes.  This has become more common in the last few years and the painters really appreciate it.  Of course, it is completely up to you who gets tipped and how much but we have some general guidelines to help out.  

Do You Tip Painters?

Many of our customers want to tip our painters as they appreciate the hard work and the long days they put in.  They work in all types of weather including extremely hot days during our exterior painting season.  Some days they are driving to do interior painting in snow and ice conditions as well.  The work they do can be extremely demanding and dangerous and many customers appreciate this and want to show gratitude.  

Do You Tip House Painters Based On Total Quote?

Giving a tip to a painter or a crew of painters is 100% up to the customer and how satisfied they are with the work.  We never suggest a specific amount to tip them but based on what they get tipped in the past we can give some guidelines.  If an average paint job cost $7000 for example the tips are generally around $50-$100 per painter on the job.  An average crew size is typically two painters and a crew leader so around $150-$300 would be pretty common for the crew to split.  

Many customers will show appreciation in other ways such as buying or making the crew lunch or bringing them drinks while they are working.  This does not happen often but they really appreciate these little things.    

How Much Do You Tip a Painters Crew?

On average our crews will get tipped $150-$300 for a normal-sized project.  Of course, we do jobs that exceed $50,000 at times so the tips tend to be higher on these projects.  Customers have given as much as $300 per painter on larger projects!  

How to Tip Painters

Once your project is completed and you decide to leave a tip for the painting crew you can do this a few different ways.  You can give money directly to each employee that worked on your project or you can give it to the crew leader so they can hand it to the team.  Alternatively, some customers will just add it to the final bill and let us know they want to leave a tip.  

Tipping Painters: How Common is it?

Tipping painters has become much more common in recent years.  Of course, it is never expected but always appreciated.  Our crews always try to go the extra mile to make customers happy.  

Key Considerations with Tipping Painters

Do not feel like you are obligated to tip painters a specific amount.  You will not insult them by giving them a small tip if that is all you can afford.  Even a $20 tip and a thank you go a long way.  A great tip to leave a painting crew would be 3-5% of the total cost of the project split between them.  

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Should You Tip a House Painter?

We believe you should tip anyone that does great work and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy.  If you are not happy with your painting crew you should not feel obligated to tip anyone.  Just like any business you can use your judgment on tipping.  

Tipping Painters: Is It the Same for Interior and Exterior Projects?

Tipping painters for interior or exterior work is typically about the same.  Customers may get to know our team a little better when we work on the interior of their homes so they may be slightly more likely to tip them for interior work.  Many customers do tip for exterior painting as they see how hard the team works in the hot weather and on tall ladders.  

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Do Crews Like To Be Given Food/Drinks?

Painting crews always talk about when customers take time to give them food or drinks on the job.  We don’t allow them to drink alcohol on the jobs but most any other food or drinks is great!  They truly appreciate it and remember those customers for a long time.  

Other Things to Do for Painting Crews

If your painters are doing a good job please let them know you appreciate them.  Kind words still go a long way.  

Do You Tip Painters? Answered by Absolute Painting

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