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How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Exterior Painting

Customers call us all the time and ask how much does it cost to paint my home? I guess this is similar to calling a mechanic and asking them how much it is to fix your car without them seeing it…

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

There are so many variables when it comes to the cost of house painting. I have seen a 1,500-square-foot home cost anywhere from $5000-$20,000 depending on the level of prep work needed.  At Absolute Painting, we have to see your home in person to get you an exact cost for painting.  We prefer to meet with you and discuss your goals for the project and make sure you fully understand every detail of the project prior to starting.  The age of your home can make a huge difference in the cost of the project.  

An older home may have old layers of lead paint that can cause the project to be much more expensive than a home that was built in the last 40 years.  The type of siding you have can make a big difference in how much prep work is needed to paint your home. For example, homes with cedar siding in poor condition can cost a lot more to prepare than a home with fiber cement siding.      

Average Cost to Paint a House

The average cost to paint the exterior of your home has increased in the last few years due to labor and paint costs. On average a home built after 1980 that does not have any lead paint on it would cost between $3.50-$5.00 per square foot to get painted if it requires a normal amount of prep work.  If you have a 2500 square foot home that needs basic prep work including pressure washing, fixing caulk, minor scraping, sanding, and priming of peeling areas would typically cost you between $8750-$12,500.  This will include very high-quality paint and materials.    

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a House Exterior During High Season? Low Season?

The cost to paint your home during the busy season will likely be slightly higher than if you plan ahead and take advantage of early-season discounts some painters will offer.  Once the sun comes out in Oregon most painting contractors will be booked up months in advance.  If you call in January or February to get your painting estimate you will likely save some money as painters are not booked up for the year at that point.  If you call to get an estimate in July or August you will be lucky to find any reputable contractors that have any time left in their schedule to get the work done.  Call ahead and plan ahead if you want to get a good contractor to paint your home!

Example: Cost to Paint 1500 Sq Ft House Exterior

The typical cost to prepare and paint the exterior of a 1500-square-foot home would be around $6000-$7000.  This can vary a lot based on age and type of siding but this would be a normal price for this work.  

What is Included in an Exterior House Painters Cost?

Most exterior paint jobs include a full exterior pressure wash of all surfaces getting painted.  It will also include fixing any failed caulk on the home.  We will scrape, sand, and prime any loose paint with an appropriate primer.  All surfaces will be painted with two coats of high-quality exterior paint.  This will typically include the exterior of any painted siding, gutters, trim, and doors.  

Exterior House Painting in the PNW with Absolute Painting

Remember our painting season is very short in the Portland area.  Our weather is either too cold or too wet about 6  months out of the year to paint outside.  Plan ahead for this work as much as a few months in advance to get this work scheduled. 

Absolute Painting has been painting homes for over 25 years and we take great pride in our work and exceeding our customer’s expectations. If you’re in the Portland metro area, call (503)330-4928 or fill out the form below for a free estimate. We look forward to working with you!

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