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How Much to Paint a House Interior? Breakdown by Room

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Interior Painting

So you are considering doing some interior painting to update your home and wondering how much to paint a house interior? That is a very good question and it can vary a lot depending on your home and what you would like to get painted.  It also can vary based on the company you choose to do the work and the quality and service they provide. 

How Much to Paint a House Interior? 

At Absolute Painting, we are known for our high-quality work and customers know they can count on us to help them every step of the way.  We always start with an in-home painting estimate so we can see every little detail of the project and discuss with the homeowner what they are looking for.  We like to ask a lot of questions so we know what will make you happy and will fit your budget as well.

We always ask homeowners if they are painting just walls or do they want ceilings as well? It is always easier to do it all at the same time if you are going to do it rather than doing it at different times.  Do you want to paint your doors and millwork?  This can be a much bigger project than painting just your walls so this leads to many more questions.  Do you want to paint your doors and millwork by hand or with a spray application?  A spray application can cost more as we need to do more masking of your home but it can look much better in the end.  

Doors and millwork should be painted with high-quality enamel paint that can be cleaned and take a lot of abuse.  The cost of a good enamel paint should be around $50-$70 per gallon but you won’t need a lot of paint in most homes.  The average cost to paint a door and door frame is around $200-$250.  The average cost to paint a window frame is around $100 per frame.  The average cost to paint baseboards in your home is around $7 per linear foot.  If you have doors and millwork that are stained and you want to paint them it can cost more as they will need to be primed before painting.       

Some homeowners are looking for a less expensive paint job to get the home ready for sale.  We can always give options that can save you money if this is your goal.  This is a very common request we get lately as homes are selling quickly and they just need a quick paint refresh to help them look presentable for potential buyers.  These jobs can take less than a week to complete and cost just a few thousand dollars in most cases.  

We also get many requests for very high-end paint jobs with many details that the homeowner wants to address.  These are fun projects as well when customers want a very high-quality job done with the best products.  These jobs can take weeks to complete and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Most homeowners are trying to balance quality and budget to get the best deal for them which is understandable.  This is why we do our best to work closely with you to meet your goals and make it a great experience for you.  We pride ourselves in not selling you more than you really need.    

How Much to Paint a House Interior

Kitchen Paint Costs and Considerations

Kitchens can be the easiest part of the home to paint in many cases as the walls may be all cabinets and tile backsplash.  Many kitchens have very few walls to paint.  On average a normal kitchen might cost around $500-$600 to paint the walls with labor and materials and $250-$300 to paint the ceiling.  

If you are painting kitchen cabinets that can get more expensive as it is a much longer process.  Painting cabinets take a lot of prep work including removing all doors, drawers, and hardware.  It includes sanding, cleaning, and caulking surfaces and in many cases, you need to prime them as well.  We usually spray kitchen cabinets so they have a fine finish and look amazing using high-quality enamel paint.  On average it will cost you around $5000-$10,000 to have your kitchen cabinets painted but they can look like new cabinets when finished.  

kitchen paint

Kitchen Paint Ideas

Your kitchen can be messy, especially if you have children who like to cook.  We always want to use high-quality paint in your kitchen so you can clean it easily when messes happen.  You can use a product that is moisture and mildew-resistant for around $60-$80 per gallon.  These paints can cost a lot of money but if you are using them just in your kitchen it may only be one gallon of paint so really not that much of an added cost.

If you are painting cabinets you never want to cut corners or cost on the materials.  The typical set of kitchen cabinets will take about 5 gallons of paint.  We recommend high-quality enamel paints in a satin or semi-gloss finish for the best long-lasting results.  It will dry fast and the finish will be very hard so it will take the abuse of being touched on a daily basis.  They will clean easier and hold up to the abuse we give them.  A good quality enamel paint that will work on cabinets should cost $70-$90 per gallon.  

kitchen paint ideas

Living Room Paint Costs and Factors

We paint a lot of different living rooms in homes as little as 500 sq ft to homes over 10,000 sq ft.  As you can imagine the price to paint a living room can vary greatly depending on the height of the ceilings and many other factors.  Assuming your living room is an average size of 300 sq ft and has ceilings under 10 feet tall the price will not be too expensive.  An average Living room will cost $800-$1000 to paint the walls and about half of that cost to paint the ceilings.  If you have higher vaulted ceilings the price can go way up.  

We always like to use higher quality paints so they hold up longer for our customers but you don’t need to spend a fortune on good wall paint.  We can get good quality wall paint for around $35-$45 per gallon.  You can spend a lot more on wall paint but most homeowners do not need that unless they are cleaning walls on a regular basis.  Quality paint will cover better and be more durable over time.  They can clean easier and touch up better.  

living room paint

 Living Room Paint Ideas

Living room paint can be a lower sheen and they make some great paints these days that come in Flat and Matte sheens that are fairly durable.  We are not big fans of high sheens if they are not needed.  A flat sheen can look really nice as long as you know you can’t clean it as easily.  This is not recommended for homes with small children and pets.  

living room paint ideas

Bedroom Paint Costs and Considerations

Painting bedrooms can be fun as we spend about ⅓ of our lives in our bedrooms.  Kid’s bedrooms are usually fun as many parents let the children pick out colors.  Our professional color consultant, Beth, loves to help homeowners pick the perfect colors and she’s great with kid’s rooms as well!

Painting the walls in an average-sized bedroom usually costs around $300-$400.  A larger bedroom can cost $500-$600.  If you are choosing dark or bright colors it may take more than two coats to cover so that can add to the cost.  Painting ceilings in a bedroom will typically cost about half the cost of the walls.  If you are painting inside of closets this will also add to the cost.  

bedroom paint

Bedroom Paint Ideas

Bedroom paints can be medium quality in most cases unless you are hard on your walls and want to clean them all the time.  An eggshell or satin finish can give you the durability you need in a bedroom.  

How Much to Paint a House Interior with Absolute Painting?

If you are planning to hire Absolute Painting to paint the interior of your home here are some ballpark prices to get you started.  If you want to paint all the walls in an average-sized home of around 2000 sq ft you should expect it to cost around $6,000-$7,000.  If you would like to get your ceilings painted the cost would be around $3,000-$4,000.  Painting doors and millwork in a home this size can vary a lot.  An average cost to paint all doors and millwork would be around $5,000-$8,000.  Again many factors can change these prices but we are happy to work with you to fit your goals and budget. We look forward to hearing from you!

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