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How to Handle Wood Rot Repair

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Construction and Remodeling

Living in Oregon we face some pretty harsh weather for any type of wood product.  We build decks out of wood that is getting beat with rain and hot sun all year long.  We use wood siding and trim on our homes which takes a tremendous amount of abuse.  Rotten wood is very common in our area and we have a couple of ways to address this.  

Getting Started with Wood Rot Repair

Rotted wood is more than just an eyesore. Advanced root rot can cause structural failure including deteriorated support posts and beams, rotted floor and ceiling joists, and destroyed roof decking. The cost to repair the damage—or replace the rotted wood—can be costly and if left unresolved, will only get worse. Let’s get started with more specific repair options.

Deck Rot Repair

Deck rot can cause many problems and can create a safety issue on your deck.  Any flat wood surface that is exposed to the elements of Portland will eventually have problems.  You can be diligent about maintaining a deck and stain it regularly but even then you may find rotten wood eventually.  In most cases when you get a rotten board on a deck it is best to just replace it.  If you have rotten wood in your framing or support post you really need to replace them as that will cause a safety issue.  Very small rot can be prepped and saved with a rot repair kit that you can find at your local paint store but it will likely be a short-term fix until you replace the board.  

Dry Rot Repair

If you get rotten wood on your home we always suggest replacing the bad wood.  They make rot repair kits for smaller rot repairs and they can actually work well in some cases.  The kits come with everything you need to remove the rot, prime, and fill the damaged wood.  System Three makes a kit called Endrot that is very popular and can be purchased at many stores or online for around $40-$50 per kit.  

Dry Rot Repair

Structural Wood Rot Repair

If you have structural wood rot we recommend replacing the wood for safety reasons.  Framing of decks will typically be made out of pressure-treated lumber that holds up very well in any climate as it is treated with oils that resist water.  It can rot out but typically takes much longer than normal wood.  

Your Trusted Guide to Wood Rot Repair

If you think you have any rotten wood on your home or deck you can call Absolute Painting and we can do a free assessment and give you our advice as to the best approach on how to fix it.  

It’s important to remember that once you notice wood rot, it’s not going anywhere so it’s best to address it head-on and reach out to an experienced construction contractor!

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