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What does it cost to paint the interior of my home or just one room for that matter? Is there an interior painting cost calculator? That is a great question but not an easy answer as every home is different. Here is a guide to get you started on the budgeting process.


Using an Interior Painting Cost Calculator

So you’re curious about what it would cost to have some interior painting done at your home.  We get this question quite often when people call us and ask for a ballpark price to paint a room or the entire interior of a home.  We don’t have a perfect formula or a specific interior painting cost calculator, as it’s very important to actually see the project first-hand and see each room as they can differ drastically from house to house.

Many factors go into coming up with an accurate estimate to paint a room.  Are you painting walls only or do you want ceilings painted as well? Are you painting any doors, millwork or cabinets?  Typically walls are the easy part of the project.  When we get into painting ceilings, doors, millwork and cabinets we need to do more masking and moving of furniture which will add to the cost of the project.


How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Room?

If we are just painting the walls in an average sized bedroom it will usually take us about -7 hours to complete at $50 per hour on average or $300-$350 for labor.  Our materials cost on an average bedroom will be between $35-$70 typically depending on how many gallons are needed.  A medium to large sized room like your master bedroom, living or family room may be almost double the cost of a smaller bedroom.  Vaulted ceilings will add to the cost if we need to get on ladders to paint tall walls. A small bathroom or powder room might only cost $200 for labor and $35 for materials.

The color you choose can make a difference in the cost as well.  If you choose a neutral paint color we will typically get the paint to cover in two coats.  If you choose a very bright color they can take additional coats to cover well. Additionally, a high quality paint may cover better than a lower quality paint and may save you on labor cost.

Painting ceilings in most cases will be about half the cost of painting walls.  If you spend $400 to paint your walls your ceilings will likely be $200 in most cases but it really varies from job to job.

Painting your doors, millwork and cabinets can be expensive but can make a huge difference in the end result.  They take a lot of time to paint correctly as it is very detailed work. It is always better to see them in person to get pricing on these items.


Understanding Painting Quotes

It is not easy to understand some painting quotes.  They should be easy to understand and very transparent.  You should know how many coats your contractor is bidding to do and the exact types of paint they plan to use.  The pricing should be easy to understand so you are not confused and getting extra charges at the end of the job.

Your quote should include any licensing information related to that contractor so you can look them up easily and make sure they are legally allowed to work in your home.  Many fake contractors are out there trying to sell paint jobs without any license, insurance or bonding so if anything goes wrong it is your responsibility to fix it. Do your homework first before making a decision and the lowest price may end up being the most expensive in the end.  If you can’t understand the estimate you receive you will likely find other surprises along the way.


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