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Is it Better to Roll or Spray Exterior House Paint?

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Exterior Painting

“Is it better to roll or spray exterior house paint?” has been a question that we have gotten from many customers while providing exterior painting services.  The answer really depends on the type of surface that is getting painted.  We usually do a combination of spraying and brush/rolling paint on our exterior jobs but will explore the nuances below!

Is it Better to Roll or Spray Exterior House Paint?

In years past we used to get customers requesting that we do a brush/roller application on their homes as they believed that was a better quality paint job.  Not many customers request this anymore once we explain our process and why we do what we do.  

Spray House Paint: Pros

Spraying the paint on your home is much faster than trying to paint with a brush and roller.  Painting with a brush/roller application can take a long time and the paint will dry unevenly in most cases so it won’t look great.  You can put paint on much more even with less chance of seeing lap lines.  We always spray HardiePlank siding which most newer homes have as the paint really just sits on top of the siding and does not need to penetrate.

It is also much easier to put the paint on with the proper thickness with a sprayer versus trying to brush or roll it on.  You want to do two thin coats of paint when painting the exterior of your home for the best results.  Most people painting by hand won’t put two coats of paint on. We almost always spray front doors for a fine finish.        

Spray Paint House Exterior: Cons

The downside to spraying a home is that you need to know what you are doing or the results can be bad.  You need to ensure you are good at masking off around the work areas or you will get overspray everywhere.  You need to know what type of tips the sprayer should have depending on the weather and other conditions.  We see a lot of old paint on roofs, windows, and concrete from previous paint jobs where the contractor did not know what they were doing.

When spraying paint on wood siding we do recommend back-rolling the paint to help it penetrate into the wood.  We spray one coat of paint on wood siding and have someone take a roller to the paint while it is wet so it soaks into the wood better.  We don’t recommend this on Hardie Plank siding as it will may actually pull paint off the siding.    

Tips to Limit the Smell of Spray Paint in House

We have had very few customers over the past 30 years complain that they could smell our exterior paint inside the home.  Most of our products have very little odor these days so customers almost never mention it.

Which is Easier? Faster?

Spraying the home is much faster and easier for a professional painter.  Painting a home with a brush and roller application can take 2-3 times longer than using a sprayer.  If you have never used a paint sprayer we don’t recommend trying it on your home without some training from someone who has experience.

Does the Application Affect How Long the Paint Lasts?

Some people believe the paint will last longer being applied with a brush and roller application.  I have never believed this to be true if you know what you are doing with a sprayer.  Applying the paint at a consistent thickness and back-rolling wood siding are keys to making the paint last longer.  Of course, many factors can affect how long the paint will last including the prep work and weather exposure but these are the biggest factors when it comes to application.  

Exterior House Painting with Absolute Painting

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