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The latest trend for homeowners wanting to update a kitchen or bathroom is to get the cabinets painted instead of replaced.  It is very expensive to replace cabinets and it usually involves replacing counters and other items that add to the total cost.  At Absolute Painting we have been painting more and more cabinets every year.

Many of our customers in the Portland area are opting to change their old outdated stained wood cabinets.  If your home was built more than 20 years ago, you likely had some sort of stain or clear coat on a wood cabinet.  The latest trend in cabinets has been a painted finish on them which really makes them look amazing. Some people don’t realize that the cabinets may be in perfect shape and just look outdated.  

At Absolute Painting & Power Washing we have a crew that specializes in painting cabinets and most of the calls that come in are to update older wood cabinets.  It is not an easy process to paint cabinets that were stained previously but the results can be amazing!

Our Portland customers usually want to paint cabinets white or off white but many are choosing gray colors lately as well.  Some will choose white for the main cabinets in the kitchen and an accent color on the island. The average cost to prepare and paint kitchen cabinets is around $5000 for a normal kitchen which may seem expensive but the cost to replace cabinets and counters can be well over $15,000.  The work that goes into cabinet painting is a long process which involves many steps. If you are a homeowner doing it yourself it can be very daunting and almost impossible.

If you live in the Portland area and would like Absolute Painting & Power Washing to take a look at your cabinets we would be happy to help.  Our Designer Beth can assist with colors and ideas to make your dream kitchen a reality. Give us a call if you are tired of your old cabinets and are thinking about some updates.

Mike Hughes