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19 Off White Paint Colors for a Fresh Look

by | Nov 28, 2023 | Interior Painting

At Absolute Painting & Power Washing we have seen many color trends come and go over the last 30+ years.  Twenty years ago we saw many bold dark colors being used and many colors and accent walls in various rooms in the home.  Ten years ago we saw more of the gray and tan colors being used on walls with fewer colors being used in the home.  

Recently, lighter colors have taken over and we are painting many different shades of white and off white paint colors on walls.  Most homeowners are keeping it simple and only using one or two colors in the entire home.  Of course, you have hundreds of different white colors to choose from and it can be hard to decide which is the best for your home.

Why We Love Off White Paint Colors

White paint colors can make a space look clean, fresh, and lighter.  The white and off white paint colors have become a very popular choice for interior walls over the past few years.  It is perfect for a modern interior look.  Homeowners bring color into the home with art, furniture, and decor leaving the walls as a blank canvas.  White paint has been the most popular choice for interior doors and trim for many years as it helps your wall color stand out too.

off white paint colors for living room

4 Popular Off White Paint Colors 

Some of the most popular white paint colors include Sherwin Williams Extra White SW 7006 or Pure White SW 7005.  These tend to be used on doors and trim in many cases as they are a brighter white that you can use to frame your wall color.  Many homeowners are choosing these as a wall and ceiling color as well.  You can have your walls and trim done in the same color with a different paint and sheen on the trim so you will have some contrast.  We will use enamel paint on the doors and trim which is more durable and a normal wall paint on walls and ceilings.

Some of the more popular wall colors include Sherwin Williams Creamy SW 7012 and Alabaster SW 7008.  You can warm up a space with off white colors like these.  They will look amazing next to a bright white door and trim paint.    

5 Off White Paint Colors for Living Room Makeovers

Most people spend a lot of time in their living room or family room so you want it to be a fun inviting space to hang out and entertain guests.  A popular choice would be Benjamin Moore White Dove if you want a clean and classic white.  Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace and Swiss Coffee are also very popular choices with homeowners for wall colors. Simply White is a long-time favorite for walls and trim as well from Ben Moore. Sherwin Williams Alabaster is also a crowd favorite for interior walls.

popular off white paint colors

5 Benjamin Moore Off White Paint Colors 

Some of the most popular Ben Moore paint colors include Chantilly Lace which is a super popular choice for a pure and bright white color.  This color is most likely used on doors, millwork, and ceilings but can be used on walls for a clean look.  

Ben Moore Cloud White is described as soft and balanced and great for a trim, ceiling, and cabinet paint with a yellow undertone to it. 

Simply White has been extremely popular in the last few years from Ben Moore.  It was chosen as the color of the year in 2016 and is still very popular.  It has been described as a clean, crisp white that adds a hint of warmth to the room. 

Dove Wing from Ben Moore is another soft white that can be a great wall or cabinet color.  It has some gray tones that make it a soft shade with a hint of yellow.  

White Dove from Ben Moore is another classic white color that has always been a great choice.  It is a slightly lighter color than Dove Wing and they can go together very well.  You can use this on virtually any surface in your home. 

5 Sherwin Williams Off White Paint Colors 

Some of the popular white colors that can make your house feel like home include Sherwin Williams White Snow SW 9541 and Natural White SW 9542.  Customers also like Sherwin Williams Gypsum SW 9543, Sanctuary SW 9583, and White Sand SW 9582.  All of these colors are in the Emerald Designer Edition.  Of course, you will want to consider the other fixtures in your home before choosing a color such as flooring, counters, cabinets, and your home decor.

sherwin williams off white paint colors

Discover the Perfect Off White Paint Color with a Color Consultation! 

We highly recommend talking to a designer before choosing the perfect white paint color for your home. Better yet, book a professional color consultation with our team at Absolute Painting! They will help you find a color that compliments your style and won’t clash with other surfaces in your home.  Whites can go terribly wrong if you don’t know what you are doing so ask for help if color is not your thing.

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