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Many homeowners in the Portland area are considering home projects this year and summer is a great time to tackle the outdoor tasks.  People often ask me, “how do I know when to paint the exterior of my home?” It’s not always an easy answer as every home is different.  I have seen good paint jobs last well over 10 years and bad paint jobs can have issues within a year or two.

Typically if you have not had your home painted in over 10 years you are likely due or past due to paint it.  Common issues you might notice after this long are fading of paint color especially in darker colors. You may see caulk failure on your siding or around doors and windows.  If you see paint peeling or your siding is looking bad, it may be time. We can’t solve every problem with prep and paint although we try hard to protect your home to avoid the expensive repairs if we can catch issues early.

The last thing we want to do is paint over a major problem.  Oregon has a lot of issues with rotten siding and trim on homes that we paint due to our wet climate and the soft wood that homes are built with these days. Prior to painting, we always try to identify major problems, if you have them, and help you get them repaired!

If we can’t fix all of the problems we have a long list of contractors that we work with that can help solve the problems prior to painting.  Once all repairs are completed our team will come in and make sure to prep your home the right way so we can help protect it from the wet climate.  We go above and beyond with prep work as this can make a huge difference in how long your paint job will last.

Applying two coats of paint to your home helps with longevity as well.  We have different methods of applying the paint based on your type of siding.  Using a high quality paint also helps but using the most expensive paint is not always the best solution for every type of siding.  Taking time to learn about your painters processes is critical to how long it will last. Do your homework and find someone you trust.  Don’t hire a contractor based on price as this usually costs more in the long run.

We are always happy to come out and give you a free assessment of your home and let you know if it is time to have it painted or if you have a few more years left.  Contact Absolute Painting & Power Washing for your free estimate.


Mike Hughes