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Planning your exterior project

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Every year at this time we are getting phone calls from homeowners requesting exterior painting or construction estimates.  Many of you understand that these are large projects and you should plan ahead to get them on someone’s schedule before you miss another summer.  Our exterior season can start as early as March or as late as June.  Once we get the nice weather our phones will go crazy and it gets harder and harder to even get out to give an estimate.  Last year we had people waiting 3-4 weeks during our peak season just to get an estimate and then another few weeks to get any work done.  It was a little frustrating for some customers but we just could not keep up with demand.


This year we have many homes that we just could not get painted last season so we are already filling up our early season.  Our construction and repairs schedule is also getting booked out into late spring this year so please plan ahead for that also.  If you call us in February or March you should be in great shape to get work done this season but we expect April-September to be really busy so calling early will help us all.

Once you have committed to having Absolute Painting do work for you we will give you a general timeframe of when we hope to get your job started.  Spring is always hit and miss with the weather so we do not make any promises early in the year.  This time of year is also a great time to meet with our Designer Beth to discuss color options and products.  This can all be done ahead of time so when we do get nice weather we are ready to move quickly.  If you need any siding or other repairs prior to painting we can get that done in most any weather so now it a great time.  Our Construction Manager Chris can assist with this type of work and meet you for an estimate if needed.

The weather may not be perfect yet but we are happy to help you get the projects done in 2018 if you are ready for a color change or it is just time to do some maintenance on your home.  If you are not sure if it is time to have your home painted or if you have other concerns please call us and we are happy to come take a look.  If you would like an estimate please call our office or send in a web request and we can call you.


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