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Pre-Holiday Home Checklist

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

Our Portland weather is quickly taking a turn for the worse as winter is quickly approaching.  The days are getting shorter and shorter and the temps are quickly going down.  Many of you are thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas being just around the corner which can create a lot of work on its own.  Here are a list of some easy items that can save you money over the winter months and now is the best time to do them before it gets too cold or snowy out.

One easy thing that needs to be done is to cover up any exterior water outlets before it freezes.  Also check any exposed pipes to make sure they have some type of insulation so you do not have to pay a plumber to fix the problems when it is too late.  The cost to cover these things is likely less than $10 but the savings can be huge!

Don’t be the last guy in your neighborhood to clean up your leaves.  If left too long they can damage your lawn, your deck and do damage to your gutters.  They are way easier to clean up before they get soaking wet so don’t wait too long.  Your decks can easily get stained or start to rot out if leaves are left for extended periods of time.  Get the leaves out of your gutters as soon as you can as they will clog them up and in some cases cause them to fall off due to excessive weight.  You really don’t want to have to get up on the roof when it is pouring down rain to do this work so get to it early.

Check your home for caulking issues that can easily be fixed on a dry day.  You have missed your chance to paint the exterior this season but it is possible to fix the caulking before the wet season really sets in and causes damage.  If you need help finding the right product to use please give us a call.  Make sure you use a caulk that is paintable or you will have some issues next time you try painting your home.

Check your roof for moss and any type of damage.  Most of the roofs in Oregon will grow moss and if left alone it will destroy your roof.  If you are proactive with treating your roof you can stop this from doing any damage and extend the life of your roof.  If the moss has already taken over you may need to get it removed by a professional.

If you can get these simple items completed before the holidays you can sit back and know your home is ready for whatever the winter brings us.  All of us at Absolute Painting are willing to help with any questions you might have on these subjects.  Enjoy your holidays!


Mike Hughes


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