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Summer Painting Season

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

Summer has officially hit Portland and we have gone from 8 months of rain to 100 degree days overnight.  We finally have dried out enough to get outside and start working on exterior painting.  Normally we are able to do this in March or April but Mother Nature had other plans this year.   

At Absolute Painting & Power Washing we pride ourselves in the highest quality customer service and honesty.  We are already starting to tell customers that call in for bids that we are getting close to being full for this season for exterior painting.  Some customers are calling and getting a little frustrated that we are not able to come out to give a bid as quickly as they would like.  

About 70% of our work for the year is done between April-September which makes our schedule very tight at times.  Most paint companies experience similar demand this time of year which makes it tough to keep up with customer requests.  We are actually getting referred by other painting companies that have filled up their schedules for the year.  

Here are some recommendations for contacting and hiring a quality painting company such as Absolute Painting in our busy season.  Please understand that if we can not come look at your home for a bid right away it does not mean that we are being lazy or we do not like you.  In a typical day we can give about 4-5 bids per day and we are getting up to 10 requests per day.  We truly only have so many hours in a day to give bids and we schedule people as soon as we possibly can.  

Patience is very important for quality work and we do have many more months of sun ahead.  Our exterior painting season usually goes well into October if the weather cooperates with us.  If you are looking to do interior painting and can wait until we slow down in November this is a great option as well.  

If you call a painter in the busy season that can paint your home immediately you might question how good they are and why they are not busy.  All of the painting companies that we know well that do high quality work are booked out about 2-3 months in the summer season so don’t be surprised if you get this response from everyone.  We don’t hire a lot of new people or subcontract our work to keep up with demand as we believe this would sacrifice our high quality.  

As always you should do your research online or with friends when looking for a good contractor.  Angie’s List, Yelp and Google are all great resources for checking out any type of company.  Next Door is a new site that can give you recommendations in your neighborhood and many folks are going there to request referrals from neighbors.  Once you find the contractors that you think will do good work you should be patient with them when scheduling as the results will be well worth the wait.

We hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!

Mike Hughes


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