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Painting Bathroom Cabinets, Floor Tiles, & More!

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Construction and Remodeling, Interior Design, Interior Painting

You are probably wondering how to do a bathroom remodel without breaking the bank.  Maybe you are getting your home ready to sell and want to just update things a bit or maybe you want to do it for yourself.  A full bathroom remodel can cost many thousands of dollars if you are replacing flooring, cabinets, counter tops, tubs and showers but you can find ways to make it all look amazing without going broke.


Your Guide to Painting Bathroom Cabinets

To begin, painting cabinets is a fantastic way to update a room without spending too much money. Though it’s important to note that painting cabinets is not an easy task by any means but some homeowners can do it themselves with the right guidance from youtube or other sources.  The key to painting bathroom cabinets is partially the prep work and using the right paint for the job.  Not all paints are made to be used on cabinets and some will not last long at all if put on a cabinet.

We recommend using a high quality enamel paint that is easy to work with.  In the old days everyone liked to use oil paints as they dried hard and were easy to wash.  The downside to the oil paints were they were messy and hard to clean up.  They would also turn a different color over time so your white cabinets may look yellow after a few years.  These days we have many options that are much easier to work with if you are a homeowner doing the job yourself.

If you are painting a cabinet that was previously painted you may just be able to scuff it with sandpaper and clean it well and then it would be ready to paint.  If you have a wood cabinet that was not painted previously you should sand and clean but you should also use an oil primer to seal in the stain before painting.

For better results we normally like to spray the cabinets with a fine finish spray tip but you can use a fine finish roller to do the job and it can still look very good.


Our Favorite Colors for Painting Bathroom Cabinets

The past few years customers have gotten more creative with painting bathroom cabinets.  It used to be most people would just use white paint which was fairly boring.  Now many gray and blue colors are popular.  Of course it will depend on the other colors in your flooring, counters and tile that will help decide what should be done.

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Painting Bathroom Floor Tiles

You can also paint bathroom sinks, shower tiles and countertops to give your bathroom a makeover without breaking the bank.  Companies such as Miracle Method and others specialize in this type of work and have many great color options to work with.


More Bathroom Painting Ideas

Of course you will likely want to change your wall and ceiling colors if you are doing a bathroom project like this.  We have a full time Designer/Color Expert on our team to help you when you are ready to give your bathroom a new look. We are also always happy to help with your project if you decide it is more than you want to tackle on your own.


Painting Bathroom Cabinets and More in Portland, OR

As you can see there are many, many options when it comes to updating your bathroom. With nearly 25 years of experience, we are more than confident we can transform your bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams!  When you’re ready to revamp your bathroom – even if it’s just a quick paint job – give us a call or request a free estimate and we’ll be ready to help! We absolutely love what we do and look forward to hearing from you.

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