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Finding the right color

This week I had the opportunity to go to a class on color hosted by Rodda Paint.  I took Beth who is our Color Expert and Carmen from our office who wants to get into color consulting and design.  I had no idea how much I did not know about color and how people see it...

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Building a new deck

So summer is fast approaching and you are looking outside at your old worn out deck or yard thinking this might be the year to build a new amazing deck for your home.  Sounds like a fun project but you must do some serious planning and make some big choices to do a...

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Choosing the Best Paint

So you are wanting to paint your home soon and are trying to figure out what type of paint to use.  You have so many brands and types of paint to choose from these days that it can be very overwhelming.  You hear ads for paints on TV and the Radio and see signs all...

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Spring Home Selling

Spring is just around the corner in Portland and that is the time that many homeowners are thinking about selling their home. I recently helped my parents get their home ready for sale and I forgot how much work goes into this process. Here are some things that I did...

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Planning your exterior project

Every year at this time we are getting phone calls from homeowners requesting exterior painting or construction estimates.  Many of you understand that these are large projects and you should plan ahead to get them on someone’s schedule before you miss another...

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Painting before the holidays

So the holidays are here and the weather is not looking good for doing any work outside.  Many of us have some time off in December and want to find a home project that can be done.  What can you do to make the biggest impact in a short amount of time and on a limited...

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Pre-Holiday Home Checklist

Our Portland weather is quickly taking a turn for the worse as winter is quickly approaching.  The days are getting shorter and shorter and the temps are quickly going down.  Many of you are thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas being just around the corner which...

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How to make your paint job last longer

It is that time of year when many folks are painting the exterior of their homes in Portland.  Our season got off to a very slow start this year with the wet spring we had but we have been working hard for the past few months now to get all of the exterior painting...

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Repairing That Rotten Wood

Summer is in full swing now and we are painting exteriors as quickly as we can get to them.  Our list of exterior jobs is pretty long this year due to the crazy wet Spring we had in the Portland area.  We are still giving exterior bids this year but are not sure if we...

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Summer Painting Season

Summer has officially hit Portland and we have gone from 8 months of rain to 100 degree days overnight.  We finally have dried out enough to get outside and start working on exterior painting.  Normally we are able to do this in March or April but Mother Nature had...

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